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Stupid Trump in politics
1 up, 7m
Dude" The non stop pathetic attempts and excuses you spew in defense of the indefensible is why you are only American by birth now.

I yes I believe it 100% because Trump is pandering and he will say and do anything to get the worst of Americans to support and vote for him again in November.

And you belong to the group he needs so much. You don't have any true moral code or integrity. If you like the rest of the Trump had even a hint of morals you would have never voted for that massive piece of human feces in the first place.

Is Trump a racist? Yes he made himself one by routinely through out his life saying blatantly racist shit.

His public statements are a FACT!!!!!! And now you are as well. You became one the moment you replied to me and tried to defend him yet again

Trump has factually insulted everything about America when it serves his twisted version of reality.

He's insulted The flag and Anthem, He's insulted out Military vets numerous times. And he is using racism to pander to shit bags like you.

He even mocked the religious right who support him with that lame Bible photo op.

You know when he had FACTUALLY peaceful protesters attacked.

You don't need to reply I get enough Trump when I take my dogs out to shit.

I post here and elsewhere for one reason to trigger you Anti American traitors f''k you
A trade magazine for truckers says 77% will not go into these cities. in politics
0 ups, 7m
Cool let me know when it actually happens dumb ass
donald trump in politics
0 ups, 7m
Spell and grammar check doesn't make Trump a man or decent person he's garbage and so are his cult members
donald trump in politics
0 ups, 7m
It would be fun to see one you freaks have a real counter talking point.
It always sounds so good until it plays out. in politics
2 ups, 7m
Lol he can't order it due to our current system but that has not stopped him from threatening to us "OVERWHELMING" force against his fellow Americans. Peaceful and non peaceful. You are in love with a traitor and that makes you a traitor