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Soup my Broskis, I like LOTR, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars, and try to make my memes as original as possible.
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Tune In Thursday To See Donald Trump Debate Kristen Welker in politics
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What do you mean by arguing? The only arguing I saw between Wallace and Trump was Wallace asking Trump to let Biden speak.
Boardroom Meeting Suggestion in gaming
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Not really though. Guns just go against the semi-peaceful survival feel of the game. If they do add guns, it would have to be Muskets that fire very slowly but are 1 shot kills, to stay in the same atmosphere.
Still Under Investigation in politics
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Hey, whoever said this, I don't mean to do any of that. The meme didn't even say that if you pounded on the car, you would get ran over. It said that if you're just a protester, you get ran over. That puts it equal with the letters sent up above.