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AIRBOAT ON ICE in sports
1 up, 4h
Only shows it off the ice
I never play that game... in fun
0 ups, 7d
You owe me 5 bucks
Hangman puzzle in fun
1 up, 1w
I thought it was going to say vectored
Gun Control in politics
0 ups, 1w
Yeah sure. I vote I can have as many guns as I want! Not a Republican but support our right to have them. You sound like you have lost your marbles, never owned a gun, or your working to make the country weak and work for a foreign government. Tsk Tsk
I don't condone this, but when you allow this type of behavior to rage on for 8 months, it's bound to happen from the other side in politics
0 ups, 1w
Oh so since Jimmy jumped off the bridge you're going to do it too? It was wrong then it's wrong now. I can't control what the media says or does and really dont watch the idiot box. Prefer to read it. Lots of shite in print too though.