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Wow! So much surprise(!) in politics
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But the 'lying politicians' are only leading with the side of science and medicine that fits the narrative. The scientists and medical professionals, who are equal in their fields, that disagree aren't heard - so it kind of is political.
Wow! So much surprise(!) in politics
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"Tuesday, 24 September, 2002, 15:44 GMT 16:44 UK

Blair outlines Iraq evidence

Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned of the urgent need to act after the publication of the UK's long awaited dossier of evidence against Iraq.

Mr Blair said the 50-page report, based on intelligence and United Nations inspectors' reports, showed Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programme was "active, detailed and growing. - BBC News"

Never forget, there never were any Weapons of Mass Destruction. They lied then, and have lied about Syria, about Libya, 9/11, and countless other events which have terrified humanity and allowed huge sweeps of changes towards centralised control. Stay safe too!
The guy who escaped Iraq war crime prosecution because "the law didn't exist". Handy that... in politics
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When you see it laid out like this... smh. Even if they escape prosecution, one day this will be common knowledge.