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Mario Kart Wii was the best in fun
1 up, 3y
Bro mario kart wii, wii sports, and smash brawl, was my childhood
Well 'aint that the truth in fun
1 up, 3y
Thats a little hard to say because there are different types of games like sports hames shooter games etc. And its kinda hard to compare them.
:) I am now fully vaccinated in fun
0 ups, 3y
Why is this a big deal? Like you dont see people posting memes like "AYE LOOK I JUST GOT THE FLU SHOT" like cool you got the shot not a big deal
Blank White Template in fun
0 ups, 3y
Wow Mincraft sword and ak47 pointing at some hair classifies as a meme now intresting
If I Die in fun
2 ups, 3y
Just sayong woulda been better to put mufasa instead of scar