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my ship :] in Gacha_OCs
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Accepting this since they are not dead children and they have their own personalities
W Foxy announcement in fnaf
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The chill why am I here
we all know what hes gonna say/ inspired by dawkos latest fnaf meme review in fnaf
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I don’t care if it’s “disturbing the show” but I just hope someone calls out in their best markiplier voice “was that the bit of 87”
Untitled Image in Roblox
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Have you seen the her mailman, boss, coworker, your own dad, and your friend
Yup they are all you father

Alright this got out of hand I was just trying to roast you but… yeah that got out of hand anyways have a good life
Untitled Image in Roblox
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Did you see all five of them at the reunion 💀