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Poetic Justice, thy name is Gamergate
Gamer gate has nothing to do with the altright you complete fruitcake
Sending their Best
He’s talking about illegal aliens, these people are legally in the country and trump doesn’t have a problem with that.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Now I’m not saying that gun laws need to be lighter I think the opposite, but the fact that people want to ban all guns is simply ignorant and stupid
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
if communists, Jews, gays and people who didn’t like hitler could have gotten firearms, we probably would not have seen much of a holocoust today. You could say the same for the Soviet Union, if you were just a little bit critical of Stalin you would be sent to gulag camps and literally work to death. The issue is not the guns, it’s the mental health of people and apparently if people give of thousands of warning signs that they are dangerous to everyone, the fbi won’t investigate them because itS ObiOuSLy tHE gUns RigHT? If we built a machine that could pick up every single gun in the world people would still kill each other. Stabbings, bombings, poisoning, fire etc.