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Billboards put out by Planned "Parenthood"
The people I was referring to were pretty responsible, been with their bf/fiance/husband for a while, some living together, but using b/c because they aren't financially, mentally or emotionally ready for a child, or never planned on having any... Which I was in this category for yrs, but matured, & changed my views on kids later than most, lol... And because of reasons beyond their control, got pregnant before they ever had the chance to plan it themselves. I'm not saying even the majority, but for the ones it does happen to, the responsible ones that were and are doing the right thing, and got pregnant regardless (also, women's bodies change and adjust, and the b/c that worked for you for the last 6 yrs, may not work anymore). It's not fair to them to lot them up w the irresponsible kids that just didn't suit up. It's just not so black and white. It would be nice if everything was clean cut down the middle, you are, or u aren't. That's probably why it's a "hot topic" and people are going to not agree for another thousand yrs. It just sucks that it's been that way and will continue to be bc it isn't so black and white, yes or no.
Billboards put out by Planned "Parenthood"
Lol, they censor certain w**ds here... I didn't know this... Even the more proper word for Mr. Richard was censored.. Lol, that's crazy.. Sorry, I would have used another word if I knew before hand...
Billboards put out by Planned "Parenthood"
Yikes... I'm not so sure I'd want to have to make that decision... For me, I'd take that plan b. That is still an available thing, isn't it? If so, I'd take that the minute I got to the hospital, and ask for seconds just to make sure. I just don't know how someone that's been through such a horrific ordeal, can then go through all the court proceedings to ensure justice is served, then have to live with the fact that they had to painfully and brutally put someone to death.... Me, personally, I'd have zero problem w it, but not all women feel that way, just to be clear.... Some women just aren't built that way. Others believe in forgiveness no matter the reason, and mentally wouldn't be able to live with that. What would that do to the victim that's already been through such a disgusting thing... I think it should be left to the judge or whatever,, and convicted rapists should never see the chance to ever do it again. Be it death, or castration (which, honestly, I haven't really looked into, but if **pe is about power, they don't need a p**is for that... Think Brock turner is it? The digit rap*r.).
Billboards put out by Planned "Parenthood"
What about the woman that is taking birth control, and needs to switch, because the one she's on isn't made anymore... And the new one, doesn't work... But she doesn't know it, until it's too late? Or, the woman that tried a new form of b/c, and...shes part of that small percentage that it didn't work for? Transdermal was new years ago, and many women got pregnant on it. I believe they pulled it for few yrs, or at least a while, and I thought for good (I used to work in a pharmacy and heard many stories like this, and I felt awful for some of these women, they were all walks of life, & just not looking to start a family just yet for many different reasons), but I read recently that Transdermal b/c is still available.. I wouldn't recommend it though, yikes! Anyway, it's such a fine line when u start saying certain people can, but others can't.. Because not all of these situations fall under one, or the other (lazy VS victim), and then who is to decide these things? I also believe in absolutely having a cut off period (again, bad pun not intended). These partial ones are brutal.
Billboards put out by Planned "Parenthood"
It's more attention seeking "brave" bullshit. No one cares about her irresponsible decisions that led to her deciding to get an abortion, nor do they care if she apologizes for it or not. She just wants to be oh so brave, look at me! It's like saying I can be 35 and unemployed, and collect welfare too! Yeay me! I think, for the most part, it's private personal business that no one wants to hear about, nor should it be talked about outside of your own personal circle. It's certainly nothing to be proud of. I will never understand why these people suddenly feel like the world gives a shit. Or, their buddies that praise this nonsense, and call it "brave" to have an elective medical procedure. And, one that is born (bad pun not really intended) out of irresponsible behavior. Most people want to keep that private. It's like the whole world has flipped morals.