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Apart from you've got my gender wrong ... quite correct.
spring in snow
No I'm not. You're thinking of the spring equinox. I'm talking about the start of meteorological spring.
My sister in law was from Shotton.
Old Lesbians
I will not show you gentlemen any more disrespect by arguing that my way is absolutely right and your way is absolutely wrong as I believe in learning about other cultures and not berating them for doing things differently, I was simply taken aback when the subject of guns was brought onto the topic. Whilst I maintain that 'no guns' is better than 'guns', I will accept that is partly because of my cultural heritage and I agree, definitely that only the massacres make it onto the news over here .... and the occasional documentary about white supremacists and extreme preppers who live off the grid and wait with guns loaded for the time when the Feds arrive. I enjoy discussions and debates as I learn more than just reading or watching, you can't beat first hand knowledge and I hope I didn't offend you gentlemen too much; my apologies if I did.