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Greta dares you to vote for Trump, and suffer her anger! in politics
0 ups, 2m you think this has something to do with “9/11 aftermath days”? “Take your medicine” LOL if Greta was a pop star who could at least sing or dance, maybe she’d be worth listening to?
Teamwork; Being Willing to Take a Hit for The Team in politics
0 ups, 2m
I cant imagine being so stupid, I think I need to educate people what the date is, that it's 2020 not 1860. You have my sympathies for being trapped in a racist paradigm.
Greta’s dad mad as donations to Greta Inc. plummet in politics
0 ups, 9m
Awwww, what’s the matter, did you donate to Greta Inc. and not get an autographed photo?
Liberal logic in politics
0 ups, 2y
Well, they do all the time, whether I want them to or not. However, the point here is to show 1)How bad an idea it is to lower the voting age 2) Democrat/liberal hypocrisy