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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil in politics
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I know... but I wanted to post anyway because I have heard people say that in all seriousness. Which is disturbing.
Angry Child in politics
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I know, right. Scary thought: it’s very possible that somewhere in America, at this very moment, there could be a young adult college student, tucked into his/her safe space with their blankie, sculpting with Play-doh, and whining about being ‘Triggered’, who will go on to one day be the President of the United States. I weep for the future.
Seriously this is all late night TV does anymore in politics
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Yeah! ‘Cause everyone knows that late-night hosts are all edgy, hip, comedic geniuses, and we’d NEVER bore our audiences by vomiting up the same tired bullshit jokes every night. Our material is fresh and unique.... We aren’t falling into lockstep with other show business wack-jobs who think that because they play make-believe for a living, they are better equipped to understand current events than the peasants who live in flyover country. That’s right - there’s no sheep here. 🐑
MAGA hats for migrants in politics
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True story.