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Expanding Brain in fun
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Just realized that all those games except Fortnite are offline...
Really ! war gaming, FFS. in gaming
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Play War Thunder instead! It's more realistic with tank models, including how a shell propagated damage through a tank, and has tanks, planes, AND boats available to play!

No, I am not a spokesperson or any of that shit. It truly is a better game than WoT.

(And doesn't have arty if that's your cup of tea)
Untitled Image in fun
1 up, 3y
And is Eggman even supposed to be Eggman? THE REAL DR. EGGMAN IS BALD!!!
Untitled Image in fun
4 ups, 3y
Not Sonic, though. Not Sonic.
Untitled Image in fun
9 ups, 3y
Not kidding though, this is the first I have heard of or seen of a new Sonic movie, and I can already see its going to be shit by one image. Sonic doesn't have teeth like that, and his eyes are supposed to be connected. Overall, it pays no homage to original content and is disturbing. -3/10 Would not look upon ever again.