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"Domestic Terrorist" Kevin Seefried with Confederate Flag is a registered Democrat and a Biden supporter. in politics
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ARE YOU SAYING TRUMP SUPPORTERS CAN'T BE DEMOCRATS WHO REGISTERED IN 2003? | image tagged in doctor strangelove says | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Wasn't there like a massive campaign to #Walk Away or something?

Didn't I also get many Trump Supporters on this site to admit they were former Republicans?

Also, that guy is 35? Man, time must've really have been hard for him. My granddaughter still looks like a teenager to me and she's 31. Then again, my daughter is only 52 and she looks 30 so... maybe I just love 'em too much to notice.
How can you look at this picture and say: "that's not a human child."? in politics
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I suggest that you do some more reading. If a woman wishes to die for her child, that should be her choice and not the state's.

"That is not the same thing. If the child is already dead, then the "abortion" is no real abortion at all."

Unfortunately, there is no difference in the current drawn up legislation. The idea being that a doctor can only save a child's life once it's delivered. So second and third trimester abortions (the ones described in your meme) are still performed on dead babies. And are just as heartbreaking to all parties involved.

Making the procedure illegal without regards to it's necessity is like putting a band-aid on a stab wound that's already been stitched and treated as if there was never a wound to begin with.
How can you look at this picture and say: "that's not a human child."? in politics
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When you support criminalizing all abortions; then you are okay with killing pregnant women. It is irrelevant if so few are about saving the life of the mother. You doom those few who die because you support the state in restrictions that could save their life.