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Doctor Strangelove says... in politics
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On the day of Ruth Bader's Ginsburg death, I saw that ugliness arise in my political party again. I understand that there are those who are excited by this news as it presents a rare opportunity to the Republican party to take a sixth seat on the Supreme Court. I have read over and over time and time again the need to appoint more conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

It may have escaped your attention, as it has our representatives that have echoed such statements, that the Supreme Court nominees are not suppose to be conservative nor liberal. They are suppose to be moderates. I know the Democrats have not always abided by this, nor have Republicans. But it seems with every passing year that the standards of keeping the Supreme Court non-political and keeping the court nominees moderate have fallen by the wayside.

To the point where I am seeing people actually celebrating the death of an individual. Making this issue as black and white as possible and forgetting all the people that are going to get lost in the details. I can no longer support a party that seems to, hours after the announcement, revel in the death of the individual.

I will make one exceptional note to actually praise Donald Trump, who supposedly spoke eloquently of Ruth Bader Ginsburg... saying...

"Wow, I didn’t know that. She led an amazing life. Whether you agree or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life.”

Yet, I know sometime next week he will still tweet something nasty about her too.

I'm rethinking offering my unique conservative and political perspective to this site as it seems to be full of children, or people who wish to pretend to be children.

So, you will have to forgive me if I have started a debate with you recently and have declined to continue it. Ruth was only three years my senior. And perhaps it is selfish of me, but it makes me rethink my own priorities.

This is not good bye, so much as a see you later.
This in politics
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I suppose a reckoning is on it's way. I propose no one will win. Everyone will lose.
You may not like her cause she's liberal, but if you have a mother or sister or wife, she fought for their rights in politics
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Good. Now, next time open with that instead of making it obvious that you wish to strike down Roe v. Wade, okay?
This in politics
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Nor are Republicans respecting their own precedents.

They have officially lost all respect from me.

Not just Trump Supporters. All of them.

Never voting Republican again.
McConnell SCOTUS in politics
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It wasn't much of a tradition. It just became a thing 4 years ago, and now it is furthering that precedent by saying that an opposing party no longer has to confirm a Supreme Court judge. So, basically, if a Republican President tries to appoint a nominee next year for another retired judge... and the Democrats have the Senate Majority, then they are no longer obligated to vote in that President's appointed judge until Republicans win back the Majority.

Sounds like an awful plan to me.