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I would slap you all, but that would be animal abuse
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Pay Close Attention (◑.◑) in fun
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The first recorded use of sun protecting parasol comes from Ancient Egypt, over 3500 years ago. During 1st millennia BC, umbrellas came to Ancient Greece and Rome where they were viewed as a luxurious female accessory. After the fall of Roman Empire in 5th century AD, use of umbrella almost totally disappeared from Europe. In conclusion, no umbrella was there for the dinosaurs
A Female version of the "Silver-Surfer" in fun
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the silver surfer im thinking of is an "it" not a he.
Lɪᴋᴇ A Bᴏss in fun
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Am I the only one who realized that craziness_all_the_way puts a tag called Google images on all of their memes