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black blank
The point is that you must disagree with it.
Dwight Schrute
But facts don't "exist" :O
The Probelm Is
Fair enough we can agree to disagree. I understand that these conversations can be tedious when no headway is being made. I consider any definition of marriage to be arbitrary and authoritative; so even though the dictionary may give a definition congruent with my position, I don’t think that has any bearing on the moral assessment. There is virtually no human activity that you couldn’t describe in terms of mere behavior. In this case it fails to acknowledge one’s natural sexual disposition as a cardinal aspect to their wellbeing, whether straight or gay. I find it slightly disingenuous to suggest that the disallowance of the specific right to marriage and all that it entails, comes even in part from altruistic intention of improving gay people’s health. If you link me specific polls I will look at them. Are the polls from a credible unbiased source? Does the implied correlation of and graph or statistics necessarily imply causation or are there unrepresented variables? Have you perhaps selectively ignored certain polls as well? In case you aren’t interested in responding, nice talking to you.
The Probelm Is
People should not be allowed to get married if they're too young to consent. Also, I'm an outlier here but I don't see incest as intrinsically bad; although there is a power dynamic between parent and child that I think constitutes grounds for not allowing it.
People people. It's Drumpf and Bruce.