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"Me? I'm nothing. I'm a fart in the air conditioning. I'm always there, but most of the time nobody knows it." -Mick
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Don’t try to fit an actual M2 browning in your pocket in fun
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Dude, you should see my backpack. I have an entire survival kit complete with candy MREs despite the fact I walk to school.
The internet is (mostly) harmless in fun
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ah, that makes sense. Thank you, but I don't need the military's help (I'm actually in it) as the person I was hunting (here's the bounty here: has probably left anyway.
The internet is (mostly) harmless in fun
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Well, I'm a bounty hunter. The details are a bit fuzzy but you get directed to people that are racist,homophobic, etc and try to talk them out of it. the person I thought you were was one of such people, just had changed their username. I've been raised a democrat and that sort of thing fascinates me. I just wanted to know how they felt that way. Morbid curiosity, I guess. Anyway, sorry to bother you, have an awesome day.
The internet is (mostly) harmless in fun
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hey, have you had trouble with "bounty hunters" before? (specifically Thatoneguy1222) if so, I wanna have a respectful chat. I'm not here to be mean to you.