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i am happy gamer i prefer peace i see good in others intending to make new reddit account to spy on em
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oh no.... in Raiding_rBanvideog
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sad to see someone full on trying to harass others for fun (hint: you notaduck443) even tho i have experienced full on blackmail harassment and identity fraud because i like a video game i still love that game nobody stops me from my enjoyment that person finally got banned from discord but still
Blank Transparent Square in Raiding_rBanvideog
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oh really i think bad idea saying that now imma warn mods like braindead about you
Its about time I got to create my own flair in Raiding_rBanvideog
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nice wish i could get my reaper chimera thing in
Buhronn_Official announcement template in Raiding_rBanvideog
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calling card it is it is the thing that means celeste is gone in us i guess but if in me good luck my life is jail and celeste realsies p5 is a videogame