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Dankrobotwithguns (55188)
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A robot with many guns that is high on memes. FEAR ME!! for some reason this has gotten political.
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Just something cool I found. in LGBTQ
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Absolute chad.
Here's To Another 50 Years Of Biden Failures. in politics
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Yes, at the point we are at with people refusing to mask, get vaccinated, social distance. We could have been done with it as soon as it started if people were just mature enough to get the vaccine and wear a tiny piece of fabric. Yes, according to the research that we have it's less likely to spread in the vaccinated that. Means that it still can be spread it's just not as bad and chances are low of you spreading it to others. When did Omicron get here it might have been before children could get vaccinated?
Here's To Another 50 Years Of Biden Failures. in politics
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They are less likely to spread the disease. So, if everyone got masked social distanced and masked, we could be done with the pandemic by now. If that's how it worked, I would be fine with people not getting vaccinated. But they are more likely to get and spread the disease.
Here's To Another 50 Years Of Biden Failures. in politics
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Personal choices shouldn't harm people. I wouldn't have a problem with people not getting the vaccine if it didn't continue the pandemic. And the vaccine is proven to be better than natural immunity.
Untitled Image in politics
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Ok for the first claim that's false and he even says to himself. You can look at every billionaire and they pay basically nothing compared to the income they make. That is going to cause inflation. Yes, Biden not paying his taxes is a problem any rich person not paying their taxes will cause inflation. And yes, that's not the only cause of inflation politicians will cause it too.

Immagration helps the economy they mostly take up low skill jobs which are commonly available and are generally paid less because employers can get away with that. They also tend to work multiple jobs. That doesn't hurt the economy.,he%20doesn%E2%80%99t%20take%20a%20salary%20from%20his%20company.