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wing spiders don' t live in america they live in australia in fun
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No, just... no. Not visiting Australia at all. Why does their nature hate us so much? Is it because of Climate Change? We've been abiding my social distancing and lowering the total number of emissions. Please, winged demon, return to hell from whence you spawned. :)
I'm just.... asking questions. in fun
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Since when was false equivalency a sufficient justification to dismiss both sides of an argument when the Republicans control both Houses of Congress and the Presidency despite the Mueller investigation yielding roughly twenty indictments and five former Trump staffers pleading guilty to federal charges? Oh, that's right, why let facts get in the way of an idiotic argument?
I'm just.... asking questions. in fun
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Again, I am not stating that we should do away with weaponry, but why is it that we have little-to-no stipulations or restrictions for otherwise mentally ill deemed incapable of managing their affairs allowed to own and operate weaponry when Republican leadership state that it is a mental health issue?

Likewise, we require testing and practical demonstrations to legally operate motor vehicles, which require annual evaluations for monitoring whether or not they are safe to operate on our roadways, but we aren't capable of doing the same for weapons.

I'm just.... asking questions. in fun
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Oh, that's right, gotta love supporters of the "All Lives Matter" movement advocate for forcible separation of asylum-seeking families or their justification of Trump's pardoning of Joe Arpaio despite his open contempt of court not to enforce unconstitutional police practices.

Remind me again when the "Remember the 'Bowling Green Massacre'" vigil is somewhere in Pro-Conservative conspiracy land.
Meth Addict Clown in fun
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