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The internet today
I disagree.
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I can incorrectly fill in between 400 and 600 exams per hour. That makes me a millionaire in under 3 years. ... If my maths skills aren't failing me.
I'm an equal opportunity hater when it comes to either of them..
I agree with the former, but disagree with the latter. If you make a good argument, I should and would take that into consideration. I'm from Belgium by the way, small and fairly unknown country - except to beer, fries and chocolate connaisseurs. :P So I doubt you have as much access to the political scene here as we do to the political scene over there. But still: if you had an opinion on the way we do things, I'd listen to what you have to say. After some consideration (how much depends on the quality of the statement) I might dismiss your opinion, or (partly) accept it. But I certainly wouldn't shush you beforehand or claim only Belgians have the right to talk about Belgian politics. Like I said: your opinion might even persuade me to adjust my own views. So while what Belgians think about Belgian politics is all that matters on the surface, what Belgians think can be influenced by outside views. And I think that's a good thing if we are to ever unite as a species (in the very, very long run).