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You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread IT
I find it quite amusing, actually
Bad Dog Troll Words Title Random
Trolls in Dungeons and Dragons can regenerate lost body parts. Oh, and their body parts grow a troll from them. Yes, D&D is a weird game.
A killer deal, if I dare say
Ah, Psychostick!
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Countries didn't exist back then. I suppose one should technically refer to it as "the Americas" or "the New World", but most people do say "America", as it is easier. To be fully honest, America wasn't discovered, it was made (by colonization, revolution, etc). Thank you for pointing out my punctuation error. I will remember this next time I have an argument.
Expanding Brain
I mean, imgflip obviously knows EVERYTHING there is to know about politics, religion, and science! (Yes, I get that you're being ironic. I'm being ironic, too!)