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Memes I make. (I'm a bit inactive tho)
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Sad Clown in Dark_humour
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My name is Uncle Knobby, I hang around primary schools
Underneath my raincoat, I'm always totally n*de
I show my navel fluff collection to lots of fully-clothed men
I get a full ere*tion, and have to rush to the gents
Ooh! Uncle Knobby, can't we please go home?
Why do you hide in the bushes? What have you done with our clothes?

I introduce my p*nis to hamsters, gerbils and mice
I like to read Fiesta, and peek at the reader's wives

Ooh! Uncle Knobby, where's our special treat?
Why do you keep taking pictures and sniffing our bicycle seats?

I grummidge in my portfolio, which is full of Tampax ads
I look up my own bottom with mirrors from ladies' handbags

Ooh! Uncle Knobby, can't we please go home?
We've never seen any dild*s, we don't want to wear pantyhose
Ooh! Uncle Knobby, Why have you smeared us with cake?
We don't like standing in custard, and we don't want to play with your snake

-Macc Lads 2014
I'm so confused in Dark_humour
0 ups, 3w
Broski you are not ghost rider.
This isn't capcut so pipe tf down.

(Full offence ofc)
Take this shit down pls in Dark_humour
0 ups, 3w
nah i just wanted to see how fast mods would take it down.