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"The Lord's Prayer" in fun
1 up, 7mo
Take a look at EdEnStonne's comment, That's why!

Why you all up in my bin-nus? Move along bruh' ..
"The Lord's Prayer" in fun
1 up, 7mo
me either, pretty much the reason why I posted it .. Glad it brang back memories for ya ..
Monty Hall (Problem) in fun
0 ups, 11mo
Hi thanks for playing along ..
This is a probability problem that was on a game show in the 70's & 80's called "Let's Make a Deal"
I'll leave a utube link to the solution of the game ..
Monty Hall (Problem) in fun
0 ups, 11mo
r door #1 their is a pile of poop. The $ is in 2 or 3 would you like to switch to 3 or stay at 2?
Three Bricklayers (Parable) in fun
0 ups, 12mo
It was required by God that we be born of woman (soul) That's it .. you don't know why/what reasons God chooses who he does. He must have a purpose for them ..