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I just logged in for the first time in years. What the hell was I thinking when I posted these
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Bad Pun Dog
And snowcocks, which are easier to add and subtract from snowmen than to humans. Every snowmart is like Target to them. Can somebody go check their snowprivilege
I'm not old, today's music does suck.
People have music preferences other than yours? What a puzzle
I'm not old, today's music does suck.
"Look at me, I was born two minutes ago and I listen to Def Zeppelin and Kurt Mercury. Wow, isn't that amazing? Behold my musical narcissism!" F**king hipsters
I'm not old, today's music does suck.
1. Not every single song that's new is about those things, you silly goose. 2. They had songs about those things back then too.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Is this image circulating somewhere or something?