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You only have Christmas songs and Christmas + New Year in fun
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Why are there so many "Christmas songs" that don't mention anything about Christmas?
(Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland...)
And, why do we ONLY hear them at Christmastime?
Easiest way to turn-on a nerd in fun
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Sure, it's funny, but it's also true. That's how my wife and I connected:
Me: There, their...they're not the same.
Her: I find a man who can spell alluring, there are so few of them.
Socialism? No, just caring. in fun
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Agreed. One side seems to think the other side believes it's free, and that's what I was digging at here. Probably should've worded it as "taxpayer-funded" instead of free.