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And Just Like That in politics
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What about we just throw the darts at the idiots who think they know more than the scientists at the CDC?
The Alaska Flag in fun
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Well... it's like this. It's said that when Alaska joined the union, people in Texas were upset because they were no longer the biggest state. The Alaskan response was that they could cut Alaska in half and still be bigger than Texas. People from Texas always think everything there is the biggest and best... but it ain't.
The Alaska Flag in fun
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How can you find it offensive it you don't even understand it?
Find someone who looks at you the way... in politics
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If you say so (again, "Hitchen's Razor)...
What gets me is how you can crucify Biden for alleged behavior of which you have zero proof, and at the same time totally ignore all of Trump's PROVEN and ADMITTED behavior. Did you know, if you say "oranges" really slowly it sounds like "gullible"??
Find someone who looks at you the way... in politics
1 up, 9m
Still waiting for screenshots of the "geriatric grabbing little girls by the titties." Like I said, I watched the entire video looking for it and saw no such thing. Maybe the words I used, like "asserted, evidence, and dismissed" were too big for you, so let me rephrase (put it another way): Pics or it didn't happen.