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Ben Carson defends Clarence Thomas, says liberals believe Black conservatives 'worse than Satan'... in politics
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Well, IIRC, he went to his father’s neighborhood, and was there with med supplies and giving medical aid to people before he was attacked. He was doing pretty much NOTHING suspect when attacked except trying to get away from a literally murderous crowd.

What does it matter whether they were Antifa, BLM, or any other group if they were violent, rioting scumbags?

Everyone is indoctrinated by the education they receive. That’s precisely the point of education: to receive “doctrine” that you are taught. But pretty much any Christian school is going to teach more traditional morality than any public school.

Did the person who made that post claim to be a Christian? For the record, there’s a lot of conservatives that are not Christians (perhaps even a majority aren’t, if by “Christian” you mean someone who truly espouses Christ’s commands and tries to follow Him).
Roe Wade choice life abortion scotus in politics
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Awesome! The funny thing is I completely forgot to put the correct date. It was the 24th, and for some reason I put the 26th.
Teddy Roosevelt America's greatest president in politics
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The bullet didn’t completely stop in the folded speech. It actually punctured his chest tissue but didn’t get through the ribs. After giving the LONG speech, Roosevelt said something like “it takes more than that to stop a bull moose!”