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Triggered feminist
Nice distraction from Trump giving our President Putin wet willies at G20 though ;)
Triggered feminist
Sure you keep telling yourselves that. We here in liberal land are fairly pleased after considering libel laws being enacted. First people we plan on suing is racist news, because juries in big cities will basically give those cases to us. Think gawker level destruction of your $hitty news sites that tell "alt-righters" how to think with really fake news.
This is all Facebook is anymore and it pisses me off
Be sure to post this on any non political post. It's actually a good idea.
This is all Facebook is anymore and it pisses me off
Thanks for giving me a great idea!
College Liberal
Wow me and you both hit the nail on the head didn't we. Heil Hitler I guess... So rebelious to be authoritarian these days. Take those rights away for the God Emperor Donald Trump's glorious reputation. EDGY