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This doesn’t sound right… in fun
2 ups, 3y
That’s kinda what they led with, and it’s equally absurd. 🤣
This doesn’t sound right… in fun
6 ups, 3y
Seriously? If I were in her age bracket, I’d chat her up in a second. She’s a really pretty redhead, and as long as she isn’t a whiny suburban Leftist woman (you know the type,) she’s perfect.
Potholes in fun
2 ups, 5y
NICE PIECE OF ROAD I TOO LIVE IN NY | image tagged in memes,i too like to live dangerously | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in politics
1 up, 5y
Absolutely! Why you don’t hear more about the government raiding businesses employing illegals should tell you that both Dems and the GOP in Congress are part of the problem, no matter their rhetoric for the cameras.
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody memed lyrics The Complete in fun
3 ups, 5y
I didn't realize it was the whole song until I reached the point of no return and had too much time invested in it to quit. LOL