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Trump Most Interesting Man In The World
Yeah, both sides are culpable in the coming cultural civil war. How can the train be stopped when communication is no longer possible?
Trump Most Interesting Man In The World
Also, don’t forget the agitators who showed up at Trump rallies and started incidents, assaulted Trump supporters and damaged a lot of property. This trend has only intensified over the last two years. Now, Democrat politicians are openly calling for harassment and menacing of administration officials and any Trump supporters, and the MSM is mostly assisting them. This sort of behavior is going to galvanize regular centrists to vote against those whom they see with their own eyes behaving as “extremists”. I’d rather see the Democrat party talk about solutions rather than just “I hate Trump” rhetoric.
Trump Most Interesting Man In The World
I can see by your choice of invective and lack of response to my point that you either don’t understand it or you just want to throw shit around. Enjoy your Left wing echo chamber. I only have enough hours in the day to debate with people willing to listen. BTW, IMO, while I disagree without Sanders’ politics, I always felt he was at least honest and honorable. He got screwed by the HRC cabal in the DNC, and they must have family members of his as hostages if he kept his mouth shut about it for two years.
Trump Most Interesting Man In The World
You’re talking of the shitheads. Both sides have them. The Right has the Klan, the Left has Antifa. I’m talking about when the Mainstream Media and Hollywood are literally mentioning assassinating a sitting president. I’m talking about when politicians who disagree with a sitting president tell their constituents to attack members of his cabinet. These people have a huge platform, and they’ve used it to demonize some rich guy for years whose previous claim to fame was casinos, bankruptcies and “The Apprentice”. How do you think that looked to the people who weren’t interested in voting for him before? Don’t you think this made a number of them decide to vote for him in 2016? Don’t you think with the insanity ratcheting up more that other may also choose to vote for Trump as well? My point is that the Left created this juggernaut. Now they’re pissed that they don’t know how to deal with someone who won’t play by their rules.