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Roll Safe Think About It in fun
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the f**kin stockholms with this one jfc
Inception in fun
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Mr. retarded here fails to realize it was christian imperialists carving up their f**kin countries for them and handing them over to the most corrupt easily influenced pieces of shit "leaders" they could find.
what is wrong with liberals in fun
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? | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
lol extremists on all sides are f**ked its not about christian muslim white black etc its about respecting your fellow man anyone who doesnt is part of the problem ... any problem can be multi tiered and to compare one end of a spectrum to another is pretty dumb, of course gays should be able to get married of course sharia law is f**ked. but thats just an exremist part of islam. google muhammad ali peacefully protesting the vietnam war through islam before you make your ignorant propaganda memes. lol damn.