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Relax and chill, remember the good times because it's what shaped your personality, and if you have none make some.
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Someone witnessed me murder someone in fun
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*killer doesn't kill you* you ask him why, he says he has to wait for the cool down
The Rock Driving in politics
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Wow your political view is one sided!
I am sure his supporters will scream "fake news." that's what they do when confronted with truth. in politics
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Most trusted site very respectable and it's true he said it not lies
Donald Trump Wrong in politics
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I don't wear a mask in the car I only wear my mask when I'm in a crowded area or public area you should to, no one's telling you to wear it 24/7 I'm logical alright cupcake I ain't some weak sauce who talks smack about parties cause I got nothing better to do.