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just a depressed 14 year who loves books, art, playing the cello, and piano. I am a huge Percy Jackson fan. Batman!
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Everywone do this in Middle-School
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I used to chew on the wood railing of my bed, and it tasted like pencils.
ARIADAYTIME'S GONE!!! in War_Against_TikTok2
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Should wait I am a bit confused, you are say it is time for people who don't like people who don't like people who have ticktock?
Intentional or good intentions? in fun
4 ups, 3y
At first I thought she was holding a knife.🔪😁
Blank Transparent Square in depression_much
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I would also recommend the score they have some good music that talks about stuff like that.
AHHHHHH my mom saw me simping TwT in MarvelFanatics
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I personally am a bit confused, Loki has to try to stop himself from the future or from the past or for another reality witch is it, I can not wait another week to find out.