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Blue moon, you saw me standin' alone Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.
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Got Room For One More in The_Think_Tank
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It needn't be complicated if everyone would accept the fact that life begins at conception and should be valued before and after birth. When a "personal decision" violently ends the life of another it ceases to be a personal issue. It is a moral issue that should in fact be everyone's problem. And how many fathers actually do get a say in the matter when women constantly shut men up with "my body my choice"? society has devolved a long way when it can turn its back on millions of innocent lives taken everyday and say its inconsequential.
Got Room For One More in The_Think_Tank
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On some states a woman can "terminate a pregnancy" while in labor. So developmentally it is a newborn. Early on is just eliminating a child earlier in development.
If you are tired of getting notified every time there is a comment made on a meme that you commented on do this: in fun
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And here I thought I was popular getting so many notifications only to see the same ones twice. So if the box is checked you get notified if someone comments on a meme you commented on and also if it was in response to your comment. So confusing. All fixed now, thanks!
Got Room For One More in The_Think_Tank
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But that lasts a short time. Think of the a woman may have years and decades after an abortion wondering who her child or grandchildren could have been.
Who are we to do such thing in the first place? If they want to go, let them go. in The_Think_Tank
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I hear ya nixie. Its similar to seeing a homeless person down on their luck and all you say is "I'll pray for you" really doesn't help the situation. Sometimes just listening and asking "how can I help" can go a long way.