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You'll never have this in Dark_humour
1 up, 10mo
Wow! How does it feel to live with mom and dad till the age of 40 ?????
You litterally had one job and that was to work in you-had-one-job
0 ups, 11mo
He surely was planning leaving that job.
They have to thank he took a bath in the sink ... not a dump.
Simpsons Monkey Fight in fun
2 ups, 11mo
Good meme!
this is the most gay and fatherless thing I've ever seen, why does it exist in MS_memer_group
1 up, 11mo
Well, at least GAY people have sex. Straight guys plays videogames all day and straight girls do and talk boring things all day ... Maybe let people be and for sure do not act like an homophobe.