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Just Try, Obama in fun
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It's not Obama that concerns me, it's Hillary. Obama only has a limited amount of time left in office, and I doubt he'll get much done with gun control. Clinton, on the other hand, has repeatedly praised both Australia and the U.K. for their gun buybacks, nevermind the fact that the U.K has extremely high gun-related death rates. They wouldn't start with just taking the guns, even they aren't that stupid, but it's the start of a process.
Hey liberals... in fun
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Not quite how it was meant. The federal minimum wage right now is $7.25/hr. If it were to be raised to $15/hr as some people are protesting for, that would mean that employers would have to pay $7.75 more to each minimum wage employee every hour. Times that by however many hours that employee is working, and then multiply that amount by the number of minimum wage employees you have, and you suddenly have a pretty large drop in revenue due to having to pay so much more money. What would most likely happen is that these CEOs affected will either mark up the prices of their products to cover the deficit, increasing the cost of living and nullifying the intended effect, or you'd start to see large sums of fast food employees being laid off and being replaced by robots, the long term cheaper option. So you'd either end up right back where you started, or those employees trying to make a living would now have no income. Finally, minimum wage jobs aren't meant to be lived off of. They're meant for high school/ college students who need pocket money. If someone is trying to make a living off of an entry level job, they should either take on another job, or get a degree to get a better life. It's not ideal, but life isn't a cakewalk.
Common Sense in fun
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Keep in mind that in Japanese culture, it's considered dishonorable to be captured in war or to surrender. There are cases where Japanese soldiers have committed suicide instead of becoming a POW. Might give a little insight on why they didn't surrender.