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wHitler vs Protesters in politics
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Someone should've sewed your mother's loose bag shut to prevent your disabled birth
Selective hearing in politics
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Democrats lack critical thinking skills and are hardwired to immediately jump to stage 5 TDS
Look at my mask everyone! in politics
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Amazing what an unhinged Democrat brain can do. The connections you low-IQ sheep make never fails to baffle me.

Stay inside and be scared, no one will miss your lack of contribution to society
Peak stupidity has been achieved. in politics
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Definitely. The (false) correlation between Liberals/Democrats and Conservatives/Republicans has been spread for so long I catch myself using the incorrect terms at times, which is sad. I like to think I'm pretty aware of the media's political manipulation (majored in broadcast communications and political science), but I make the mistake more than I'd like to admit. Then I think if someone who is slightly educated in the area mixes it up, what does that say for most people who have not studied it?

The GOP isn't even conservative in the sense that term used to mean, I personally see libertarians as the most conservative group.
Peak stupidity has been achieved. in politics
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I know, I classify those as the JFK liberals, which today, don't really count as liberals anymore. Well maybe liberals, but certainly not Democrats.

If JFK were alive today, liberals would call him a bigot. JFK wouldn't be a Democrat in 2020.