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All dogs are good, change my mind in fun
0 ups, 1d
What about the dozends of dogs who try to bite me every week?
Some of you wish I might not have left. in fun
8 ups, 5d
I think it only works in english cause in german it is spelled MemellandđŸ˜‚
Harry Potter makes no sense in fun
0 ups, 2w
I didn't steel this meme! It's just a coincident that 2 people had the same idea, also with a template that is ideal for the meme. So PLEASE stop accusing me, I never even saw this before you send the link!
Harry Potter makes no sense in fun
1 up, 2w
I've never seen this meme in my entire life! I made it out if my own idea without ANY inspiration from other memes, so your suspicion is wrong and I don't appreciate accusing people without any proofs.