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Bathtime!! in fun
0 ups, 6m
Less than a tenth of a percent of people who saw this upvoted. Maybe 42 people didn't notice, but the other 2,966 did. And as for why you 'got the views': people accidentally click things. Case closed.
ScreeeeeeeThis took a lot of editing in fun
3 ups, 6m
This is like a quadruple repost and yet it gets better every time I see it.
Bathtime!! in fun
1 up, 6m
You're saying that everyone has made this meme, so everyone had seen this meme, and thus it's useless? It's been two months since the first time. Give up.
murder in fun
2 ups, 8m
When is Imgflip going to take this thing down already? You can't just say that because one person was murdered by some ethnic group, they are all bad. You know how many Americans were murdered by Americans? Waaay more. And what do you mean by 'you keep removing her and she'll come back forever'? The girl? What, are you a necromancer?
murder in fun
5 ups, 8m
a) Repost. You didn't even vaguely change it. b) What's your point? c) Based on all your most recent comments on your profile, you're a racist and you should go die in a hole.
You're an idiot.