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(Some elements come from Undertale/Glitchtale)(Evil and op OC's recommended) Pov: You killed his friend while fighting in Role_Play
0 ups, 1d
(he can be harmed, but with determination he can survive)
*Struggles to get up*
???: You'll have to try harder!
*His eyes become black*
*He swings his blade*
*He switched to HATE*
*His blade became black*
(This phase, he can die, and you can deflect his attacks, but the attacks are extremely power, your oc know it because she can feel a great power)
KARTOFFEL!!!!!! in fun
2 ups, 2d
You forgot the handsome one: Patatoe
free bobux in Roblox
0 ups, 2d
I didnt, because:
1. I didn't want to spend robux to look better
2. I didn't need it