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Send this to the Terrorist-in-Chief in fun
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Precisely. Being bombed by someone else. Problem is, everybody thinks everybody else is the terrorist, while the people who make trillions from the attacks are far out of harm's way. You're either a civilian getting bombed or a solider being fed a false narrative about who is bombing you. Our own selfless, truly patriotic men and women in uniform believe they are fighting for freedom, when in fact they are killing for people who profit from the very opposite.
Miss Ya Big Guy... in fun
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A) Spoken like a true chimp! Grabbing a banana and doing WHAT with his mouth??
B) At least his spelling am better than Tump's!
No Joke. in fun
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Whats wrong with this picture? Do the demi gods at imgflip fear for their 1st amendment rights?
Republicans jumping ship... in fun
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Oh no, sorry, I really thought that was a four year old. I would never want to ruin his party. YOUR PARTY HOWEVER, IS FAIR GAME. BWAHAHAHA! Btw, telling someone "Oooh I'm shaken' in ma boots" is something your grand father said right before he got his ask kicked, it doesn't make a fool out of anyone but you.
Republicans jumping ship... in fun
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you might want to keep your 4 year old away from the meme software...