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Trump Bill Signing
Nice. Sorry we didn't get a chance to connect when you were around here. My radio career was always doomed to be still born. But between roughly 2000 and 2009 you might have heard my voice on KPFK. I even helped IMRU, for a time, in the board operating department. They may argue otherwise. I helped train a dedicated board op from their crew - cause their show was hard to run from a piece of paper, that I wouldn't always have time to study and memorize... (They had an elaborate orchestration.)
Trump Bill Signing
Well, yes. But I move freely about the state.
Trump Bill Signing
I'm not hating-on you. But while it is undeniable that some on the left have gone beyond nonviolent civil disobedience - to my understanding it is individual actions (which may in fact be legally justified, or not - depending on the specific circumstances). By contrast - the right traditionally has used political violence as an organizing principle and modus operandi. Back in 1979 in N. Carolina (before the advent of any active antifa element) the KKK and Nazis came in and shot the Communists who were peaceably marching, killing many. Evidence suggests that they did so with the knowledge and approval of both the FBI and local Police forces. In light of such collusion - antifa tactics were born. I NEVER rely on local police to protect me - or enforce the law. To the contrary - I expect that they will conspire against me and my rights - and that is based upon a lifetime of experience and activism. This post is an open PROOF BY PUBLICATION.
Trump Bill Signing I feel no need to respond further to your name-calling and stupidity... Cheers.
Trump Bill Signing
No one WILL EVER think that you're smart - what with your LAZY AD HOMINEM ARGUMENTS, and lack of reading-, and reasoning-ability. You unintentionally comedic response reminds me of a line from 'The Colbert Report' - 'In America we can ALL be in the 1%...'