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Try "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick".

We're not stuck with any of those three. In a multilateral race we could get a winner with just 34% of the vote. We could have President Jill Stein, or even Cornell West...or if we have to have a Zionist hawk - even RFK Jr.. As far as I'm concerned any of those would be preferable.

As it stands they're trying to grease the WEF's Gavin Newscum into the nomination, at the convention. G-d help us is they do. The vote flipping machines are sure to love the guy.
When Traitorous Bootlicking Bobbleheads Pretend To Be Journalists And Get Humiliated Right To Their Face (And Don't Know It). in politics
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So by the Law of the Land - you mean - the LAW, exactly as it was for all of time? And if the Democrats has given a damn, they could have prevented that by using their control of Congress. It's a contentious 'wedge issue' - that didn't want to lose, for forcing people to vote for their progressively less appetizing candidates for President. They got caught playing their own game... And frankly, Roe wasn't a strong decision, on the merits. It's one of the few times that the SCOTUS and US Govt acknowledged that the 9th Amendment and 4th Amendment exist.

I don't need to apologize for the 80+% popular leader of Russia, any more than he needs to apologize for reversing the incalculable damage done to his country, by Bill Clinton and his NeoLiberal Fire Sale "Shock Therapy" - which hurt Russia more than the Nazis ever did.

And the FACTS don't lie - but Christopher Steele and Luke Harding and the FBI and CIA sure as hell do. Izzy-Award winning (former Pacifican) Journalist Aaron Maté easily debunked RussiaGate; showing it to be, in reality, "SPYgate". A weaponization of the Intelligence Community against first a Candidate, and then an Incoming President... That's an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS precedent to set...of course you're going to lie and claim that there's nothing wrong with any of it.

And for what? To get us into what is likely to become a Nuclear war - for Empire. And it makes 0 sense for the people of this country - just for Biden and Pelosi's weapons-maker contributor/pals.

And the Russian leader didn't even mention it - but the goal of putting a CIA/NAZI Coup in place in 2014, was ALWAYS to make Ukraine a NATO weapons platform - just minutes from Moscow, and to steal Russia's Black Sea warm water port. Sebastopol has been a Russian Naval base since the time of Catherine the Great. They weren't going to stand for any of that, any more than JFK could let Russian missiles get into Cuba - or than we'd allow a Russian Coup in Mexico or Canada, to install America hating Nazis or Communists. You need to check these nonsense double standards being pushed by the Imperialist goons that you're simping for.
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Benghazi was a CIA base, for arming and recruiting her plausibly deniable army of Jihadists...far more of a Terrorism violation than people who donated to Palestinian charities, etc..

The GOP has quite a few members of what Col. L. Fletcher Prouty referred to as "The Secret Team" - just like the Democrats do. But an investigation is only as good as the evidence that you can get your hands on. Anthony Weiner's laptop was CHOCK FULL of evidence of crimes...but like Seth Rich's laptop, they're going try to keep that one in a vault for 75 years, like it was the JFK files, or the Pfizer trials data.