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X, X Everywhere
Another Upgrade. Cool ... Now - we just need more HD templates, like that one.
I figured that I'd come up with something for this - 'Sooner or later'.
No representation without taxation
That's the way that it's SUPPOSED TO WORK - here, too. But we have regressive elites in charge of our Congress, and White House - so now Billionaires get a windfall - and poor folks pick-up the slack and take the hits. And I don't think that we're disagreeing...having more money, signals that you benefited more from our society, than others - less fortunate. So in essence, you could say that we no longer have, a 'progressive' Tax Code. But when people say that we can't afford 'nice things' - like healthcare for all, and free tuition at State- run Universities (etc.)... We can point at the WASTE, FRAUD and ABUSE at the Pentagon.
Firefighting shotgun. Uses compressed air and water.
That looks like a cool little toy... According to "Burn Notice" theres a way to rig a shotgun to fire a waterbag-type projectile - to disable a bomb or booby trap... But I've only seen it, on that show.
RIP Burt. I remember when having a Coors east of the Mississippi River was a big deal.
Be careful what you reach for... You just might get it.