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No More Wars
I think it may be more of a meme for young folks to use... But I'll keep it in mind, and wait for inspiration to strike... A lot of my memes and templates are one of a kind - original creations.
The Emperor's New Cuisine a rare treat... A retrospective on the first to years of the Trump Presi-dunce-y - in song, mostly...
No More Wars
I'm not sure how I would use Izzy. It is a cute meme template, but I'm unclear on the concept
William Blum - an American Dissident - has passed. We are ALL the lesser - for the loss of his voice. William Blum - Presente' !
Timber 1973 (another big year for US FASCISM - on the "9/11" date) - Another explanation is that you're like a dangerous cancer - that needs to tracked and contained, and carved-out of the body politic wherever you might appear - lest the malignancy spread. If you were for things that you say you are - well for one thing you'd be supporting William Blum's freedom of expression (and mine, too) - despite the fact that you disagree with the undeniable facts that he establishes and exposes. But the fact that you don't points to the dishonest and fascistic nature of your argumentative trollery - and politics.
I am not trolling you here.