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She/her | 62 birds bumping into my window repeatedly | Snacks are the one and only way to a girl's heart. Call me Chor.
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Oc Name is Marshumero btw, will most likely put a picture of them in the coments in Eeveelution_Squad
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Wings appear fragile but are actually extremely tough
The skin on them taste like banana peels and the fur tastes like kiwi fuzz but he oddly enough smells like freshly toasted poptarts
Yes, all of my headcanons(actual way to spell it) for people I don't talk to involve smells and tastes
Disco on a toilet :skull: in Drawings
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I think it's just the way that the legs and hands are in illogical positions

I like it.
Disco on a toilet :skull: in Drawings
0 ups, 2d
I keep looking at this and hearing "My only regret is that I have... BONE-ITIS" on repeat