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Trolling is free You don't have to pay anything to Be an Ass! HAHAHA!
Electric Chair
LOL I missed that but I dont like how you're being condescending Trying to tell my grammar sucks I guess I am Not allowed to have typos I was looking at the bottom text anyways I totally missed that AND TBH I type too fast to catch all the mistakes You know you care too much why dont you go f**k your self at the Nerd and talentless convention plenty of Lonely virgins you aught to fit right in BYE LOSER and remember you are NOTING You are Vapor,
Electric Chair
LOL I did not Improperly use Your Its not You're cause I am Not trying to say You are so You are a confused grammar NAZI LOL I think Your is right and correctly used , This right here proves how dumb you really are.
ted bundy greeting
Thanks for bringing to my attention I will check it out when I have some time sounds fascinating have a Bundyriffic Day :)
ted bundy greeting
Or am I just a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes You know some guys are weirded out when they realize I am only dating them cause They remind me of ted Bundy they say You love a Killer and I don't think I am right for ya Ok dude its your problem and if you turn me down cause you cant be ted Bundy Maybe I am just into the fantasy LOL