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Yes. That would still be benefitting from a gun.
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Then tell your schoolmates to stop doing it.
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We are all survivors of this shooting. The only reason this shooting even took place is becaise the School board didn't do their job, the FBI didn't do their job, Sheriff Israel didn't do his job, and the cops who hid in the stairwell or waited outside until the shooting stopped didn't do their jobs. All these people' lack of action caused this tragedy, yet I hear no one going after these poeple, or institutions. Not to mention, cars kill more kids per year than guns.
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The "Gun Free Zone" challenge In light of the current atmosphere regarding the "March For Our Lives" anti-gun protests, I would like to offer these activists, their sympathizers, the their drone followers a little challenge. The challenge goes like this: For a month, wear a sign around your neck, every day, to be seen by others, stating that you and your property are a "No Gun Zone". For a month, that you will not use, or possess, any type of firearm, or benefit from someone else's possession of one, for any reason. Make sure everywhere you go, people will see it. I, especially, challenge the females of this movement to declare to the world that you will, under no circumstances, rely on a firearm for protection. I think that a month is ample time to get a idea of what you propose for others. You say that you wouldn't be advertising under normal conditions. True, but then again, you wouldn't have to, because if all guns are gone, the criminal would already know that you are without a firearm as they would know of everyone else, too. Not to mention, you don't want to benefit from the idea that the criminal won't know who is carrying and who is not. That would be benefitting from firearms, as well. I challenge all you gun control advocates to do this for a month and let us all know how it goes. Let us all know how many criminals honored your "No Gun Zone".
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Only to pansies. He was mocking them. If it had been done in an affirming way that would be another issue.