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Say Her Name--Lynn Marie Maher in politics
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My bad, I thought he had been arrested already. I am concerned about instances like this, and wish her family the best and hope that her killer will be brought to justice. Her story is absolutely newsworthy, but national media simply doesn't have the time to cover every single murder that occurs. However, there is nothing that can really be done on a legislative level to stop murders like hers from occurring.
Say Her Name--Lynn Marie Maher in politics
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I agree that this is a great tragedy and that her murderer should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law, but he has been. The media can't cover every murder that occurs, and ones committed by people who have sworn an oath to serve and protect are different than ones committed by civilians. I'm not saying her murderer is less evil, but that the circumstances are different
protest in politics
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Linking arms shows unity, not support of any particular person
This President earned it, unlike his predecessor. in politics
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I think they both deserved a nomination but not the actual prize
That is the BLM Toronto co-founder in politics
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But if someone in Trump's cabinet said something very racist and wasn't fired, it would mean that he tolerates racists on his staff. The woman who said this is very high up in the blm organization, and obviously this doesn't mean everyone who works there is racist, But it is one of the reasons why I support the phrase but not the organization.