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Mia - Pulp Fiction
Poor form... She's right.
People are confusing her poorly informed political beliefs - with her stage-managed/PR firm-managed political-advocacy AGAINST the vast majority of the people in her 'racial group'. She's being used as 'token' by billionaires like the Kochs and Robert Mercer (and the viscious racists who follow their movements) - to represent an image - to damage her own people - who suffer under the white supremacy - that she minimizes, covers and shills for. And you would think that sentiments AGAINST white supremacy - would be welcomed by her - and not interpreted as being threatening, or harrassing to her... That it is a sad, but telling, fact. In South Africa - the Apartheid regime used both black police, and black "leaders" in the bantu-stands... To keep the rest of the black population from rising up against an unjust system. Like "Jasper" in Django Unchained - they were at times a focus for righteous anger, and more popular discontent.
^^^^^ Sounds Racist^^^^^^ Shouldn't you be out in the streets of Washington DC, or Charlotesville right now - expressing your mistaken sense of racial superiority, and RACIST NATIONALISM? I hear that the police won't just be standing-by as the NEO-NAZI brigade attack peaceful anarchists and other anti-racist/anti-fascist protestors... Must be scary. Worse yet - I hear tgat they'll be confiscating weapins and firearms - perhaps even arresting those who carry them at a "protest"/Klan rally... So I guess the right will be less likely to unite around the Orange Supremacist in the WH. https://i.imgflip.com/2e4nwp.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/2e1j3n.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/2e1iwe.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/2e4ih3.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/2cyv48.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/2cqtmv.jpg
Not fat, black or female... And the FBI's connections to the 93 bombing are undeniable. These are provable facts.... Not theories or opinions.
Here's my comment on another story related... Understand this is deep, dark, secret stuff... Because of your antipathy towards Muslims and Islam - you're going to want see the worst in everything - I get it. But the CIA, Saudis and Mossad have been doing some shady stuff, in this country, for quite some time. ARAMCO is like a Langley subsidiary. The Saudis promote the ugliest variant of Islam... Just like the Zionists (Likud and even more far-right parties) promote the ugliest form of Judaism... And Pastor Hagee promotes the worst kind of Xristianity (Dominionism). You seem to see in Manichean, black and white terms... But the world is a panchromatic and multi-shade place... So try to understand. https://youtu.be/SY7jXZvJNsQ "Jihad /= always mean (asymmetrical) warfare - it can also just mean a spiritual struggle (perhaps within oneself). A "Pro-Muslim Brotherhood" group could also simply mean one affiliated with SAUDI Islam - Wahabi Salafism... I notice you seem prone to use tabloid papers which smack of a certain degree of Islamophobia. Is the Dailymail part of the Ruppert Murdoch media empire? If you go to extreme sources, to confirm your own mistaken beliefs - that leads to the fallacy called "confirmation bias". To be clear... I am no fan of Wahabi Islam or the Saudis. But they are allies of the US Government. We fund and protect those folks. They often operate as our "plausibly deniable" cat's paw-army... in places like Syria and Libya. So the connections to the US political establishment should hardly be considered shocking. And the connection to the Sr. Wahaj and the '93 bombing are also connections to the GHW Bush millieu and Intelligence network - which appears to get 0 coverage or explanation in your video or the source articles. Relative to the '93 WTC Bombing - it appears that an Egyptian Intelligence Officer, working for the the FBI had built the bomb used... He questioned his handler about whether he should build an inert (fake) device for the Cell he'd infiltrated - and then got fired, when he complained to his handler about not getting paid. This story was relayed by Mike Levine of "The Expert Witness" radio show (on Pacifica's WBAI at the time ~= 2000's - if I'm recalling correctly. I heard it rebroadcast on Roy of Hollywood's "Something's Happening" Radio show - out here in LA. So you can probably find the show with some research and digging - if you doubt me, or want to hear the story directly, for yourself.)."