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It was a cool flick in the 1980's - try not to read too much into it...
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Gentlemen... the game is Lowball Liars' Poker. Aces LOW - JOKER'$ Wild. in fun
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Not SOOO ridiculous, now. His 'bull in a China Shop' motif, was part of his brand. Similar in many ways to Heath Ledger's Joker.

Sometimes that was a good thing - like defunding the WHO, and making noises about NATO disbanding... But at the end of the day neither push was really successful or irreversible. Meanwhile in many other areas his orientation was profoundly damaging, like it was in the lives of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
Ex Post Facto rules enforcement - or just censorship? Is it really "Politics" in the EAM that you hate... in EAM_META
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Mod | image tagged in unfortunately for you | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You're welcome! I spent some time, answering all of those deleted attempts at DNCIA 'Hasbarah' - so it's good if it can help people.

I spoke to norsegreen - and it turns out that it was just a random ex post facto rules enforcement... We worked it out, between us. I think the relevant rule for what belongs in a stream, should be the rules in place, at the time it was first featured in a given stream....

Stuff from before separation of the funny and the politics etc. Got stuck into "fun" randomly, it appears. Since most of my memes try to do both, some of my older memes get randomly unfeatured, because they were moved to "fun", and not politics, when the stream system was created. Then a Mod finds them, and retroactively declares them not 'fun' enough - so then they disappear, along with the historical timeline of pre-'streams' imgflip
Untitled Image in EAM_politics
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They are... This may wind up being useful...premier is 4/12/22
Merry XMAS YO! in fun
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This is YOUR LIE. This is MY MEME... Your "Block" doesn't prevent me from responding to prove that YOU LIED. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
There is nothing FALSE about the accusation. Being "Blocked" just means that you're not going to receive notifications, as far as I understand it. You don't get to edit the comments thread on my original meme.