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Untitled Image in dogs
0 ups, 3mo
Me one microsecond without the zaza
Build-A-Bear from Afghanistan in Dark_humour
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if you gonna be on the dark humor stream and still get offended u in the wrong place
Let’s go ?? in fun
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This is Putin
Putin attacks small countries with his big army and is getting kicked in the a** by unorganized militia.
Nobody takes him seriously anymore because he is losing a fight that he really shouldn't be losing with how big and advanced his military is.
If you want to invade a country and actually take it over don't be like Putin.
dhwjfgdjfhdgfudhfjdjj in fun
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image tagged in wait that s illegal | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
idk why thats kinda illegal
dhwjfgdjfhdgfudhfjdjj in fun
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id painic all the way because machine guns are illigal