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.jules. (112479)
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She/her I love marvel, video games, and bingewatching! I am a big nerd :D Feel free to meme chat if you wanna talk!
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Me today in fun
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If this is an actually thing I will voluteer to be NASA's first astronaut to go to Mars...screw the training...screw the test flights...put me on a ship...I will go :O
Untitled Image in rareinsults
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Its amy and Tammy from 1,000 pound sisters!!!
He plays Neville Longbottom in harry Potter hehehehe in Middle-School
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Omg bro I don't even know how (I get it he's legit a gryffindor but like go with me here) Neville is not a hufflepuff?!?!? I am a gryffindor lol

Who is your favorite singer?