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the story is kinda underwhelming, but it's not the biggest deal. i haven't unlocked all of marina's dev diary, so.
my big issue is the gameplay. sure, the whole "run" thing is neat but it can cause issues. one, in order to complete it, you have to beat the entire spire (30 levels) WITH A DIFFERENT WEAPON each time. this is highly time consuming. you also can't choose a specific level, you just have to pray you got the one you want when selecting the next floor.
the level design is also plain. there's not much variation, and the levels are basically just arenas with a few differences. there aren't many objectives, so the gameplay just consists of playing similar levels and the same missions for 30 floors. oh, by the way, if you die once (excluding marina's hacks) you have to start all over again. from floor 1. thankfully, i beat order one my 3rd run, but i don't want to imagine being a new player and trying out side order.
there aren't many bosses, and their encounters are random (1 per each 10th floor, but the boss itself is randomized). so, you have to fight each boss lots of times, which gets tedious and sucks the joy out of them. by the way, did you remember that you can't manually choose a specific level/boss? only the major story ones (2, to be exact) can be manually chosen... after you beat the game. speaking of which, let's move on to the endgame.
the final boss resembles the first boss (marina agitando), but after you do it, a cutscene plays, you have to spam ZR for a little, and then the fight repeats, but you have to destroy portals that hold color chips since yours were stolen. after you break the barrier, you just have to attack order. it took me at least 5 minutes because OH MY GOD HE HAS SO MUCH HP. i was using the roller and just circling him and spamming ZR. i almost drifted off, and the song in the background started getting annoying because it's not very interesting musically. oh pearl booyahs again but it lost the awe because it's not a killer wail and that idea was already used.
the color chips are a neat system, but oh my god i hate the progression of side order. the gameplay gets boring after a long time due to little variation. if you are a new player, WAIT until you play this or you will suffer.