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Khajiit_dragonborn announcement temp. in fun
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Prayer may not always change things for you, but it will always change you for things. While seemingly perfect people in seemingly perfect places behave as if they have a monopoly on God, God is actually quite free of them, working in the worst of circumstances and in broken hearts, calling us all to be forgiven, clean, and new.
Khajiit_dragonborn announcement temp. in fun
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Move out. Get your own place. Your parents will be relieved and you will enter a new stage in life. It will be healthier for you.
Khajiit_dragonborn announcement temp. in fun
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Look, I don't care if this comment get's banned. Suicidal? Really? Your parents are putting you through college and letting you live at home? You have a LOT of growing up to do. When you can't even breath because of crippling debt and your ex-wife stole your kids and half your money, come back and tell us all how depressed you are.
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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What happened to this place??? A premade comic, and a repost at that, in the number one spot. I am no longer ashamed of my weird memes.