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its awkward anyway

its awkward anyway | Friend: Says something
Me: Huh?
Friend: Says it again
Me: Doesn't want to ask again because that would be awkward | image tagged in awkward realization two faces,awkward,hearing,bruh,this is awkward,lol | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,393 views, 31 upvotes, 6 comments

Door stopper

Door stopper | THEY SAY YOU CANT HEAR PICTURES; IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW | image tagged in relatable,door,stop,hearing,image | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
940 views, 22 upvotes, 5 comments

Kids have super hearing when they want.

Kids have super hearing when they want. | Kids when you ask them to do things; When you get out the 
ice cream; Vs. | image tagged in kids,hearing,ice cream,task failed successfully | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
2,226 views, 86 upvotes, 12 comments

Hate when that happens.

2,605 views, 96 upvotes, 6 comments

First World Problems

15,960 views, 196 upvotes, 20 comments

I bet you can hear these pictures

by anonymous
5,461 views, 123 upvotes, 33 comments

If a deaf person goes to court

18,155 views, 189 upvotes, 37 comments

Cant hear shit

1,074 views, 3 upvotes

If you know you know

1,006 views, 3 upvotes

-Being in care about health.

2,257 views, 6 upvotes, 2 comments
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